Tamedocs offers a better experience for Insurers

Tamedocs helps Insurers, GOs and Patients share sensitive information securely, transparently and efficiently.
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The tools you need

With Tamedocs you have one platform to manage access requests with all participants involved.
Make access requests
Create and send new access requests within a couple of minutes.
Assign open cases
Manage access to open requests and assign case owners.
Create and share digital custom forms
Build digital custom forms, mark fields to be filled out by the Data Owner and the GP and share them as part of your access request. Boththe data owner and GP can answer all fields online.
Check progress of case
Know the status of your access requests and where they might be stuck.
Forward GP admin fees to data owner
Choose to forward fees to the data owner in accordance with your companies’ Terms and Conditions.
Payments function
Offer and receive GP’s processing fees for reports. Make instant payments over Tamedocs.
Digital Consent
Receive explicit consent from the data owner on every access request for compliance with privacy regulations.
Digital record and log
Keep a digital record and log of all your access requests activities for legal obligations and book keeping.
Statistics on case management performance
Keep track of your overall case management performance and increaseyour operational efficiency.

Not convinced yet?

Read on how Tamedocs can make your work easier.

Reduce processing time from weeks to days

At Tamedocs we made it our mission to simplify bureaucratic and highly regulated processes so you can free up resources and focus on the important stuff. With Tamedocs you have one platform to manage access requests with all participants involved.

Increase customer satisfaction

Going through this process often comes at a time for customers where they just want to focus on recovery and their beloved ones. With Tamedocs you can create a smooth and straightforward experience journey that minimises uncertainty and keeps your clients at the centre of attention.

Go paperless

Keep all of your businesses’ access requests neatly in one single place for easy document management and ongoing compliance.

Be compliant with privacy regulations

Tamedocs follows the ISO27001 standard and operates in compliance with the GDPR which means you can rest assured with your compliance obligations.


How much does Tamedocs cost?
Rather than charging a one-size fits all, our pricing adapts to the size of your business. Depending on preference Tamedocs charges your account monthly or yearly. Get in touch with us to learn more.
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Can I test Tamedocs?
Yes. Contact us to arrange a trial
Is it safe?
From the very beginning, safety and security have played a major factor in designing our platform and we take it very seriously. Tamedocs offers end to end encryption, runs weekly vulnerability tests and is has industry recognised certification. Read more about our housekeeping here.
How does the GP fee payments work?
Tamedocs allows you to manage any fees charged by GP’s for access requests. GP’s have the option to charge their admin fee directly through the platform. Depending on your companies’ policies you can pay instantaneously through Tamedocs or forward the fee to your clients.

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