We take Data Privacy and Security seriously

Tamedocs helps 3rd Parties, GPs and Patients share sensitive information securely, transparently and efficiently.

Tamedocs not only streamlines processes

Tamedocs offers solutions that help GP’s and 3rd parties with their respective GDPR compliance obligations in a highly regulated market.
With that in mind, our platform has been developed from scratch with Privacy-by-Design principles at the heart of the infrastructure.

In the process of requesting, sharing and accessing medical information,
only the participants of each case have access to that information. Data is encrypted end-to-end and even the Tamedocs team doesn’t have access to the medical information shared.

Our commitment
to security and privacy:

Compliant with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.
A requirement by the NHS for organisations that have access to or manage patient data.
Following ISO27001 standards
Cyber Essentials certified
Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Compliant with BMA guidance on electronic insurance requests

Our commitment to security and privacy

To assure Tamedocs is safe to use, the platform has been penetration tested by external security consultants.

Penetration testing is often also referred to “ethical hacking”, where experts try to hack and infiltrate a digital solution. The results of the testing show how resilient and protected the solution at that point of time against hacking risks is.

Working with experts

Tamedocs has brought on board external industry experts in Data Privacy, Digital Health Data and Data Security to bring in neutral perspectives and help delivering on the promise of building a secure and transparent solution.


ETHOS is a company driven by a passion for high quality and effective digital health products and services. The team provide expertise across the core domains needed for the safe, secure and effective deployment of digital health focused technology at scale. We proactively support our professional bodies to improve standards and influence sector workforce development.

Evalian Ltd

Evalian Limited are a data protection and security services provider, specialising in data protection compliance, GDPR, information security, penetration testing and ISO certification consultancy. We believe that good data protection and information security provides competitive advantage as well as being a compliance obligation.